Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:


1) I don’t own space/desert clothing.  Can I still participate?

Of course!  If you have regular clothes you are more than welcome to participate.  There are some simple rules to follow here:  What to Wear


2) Where/when will this take place?

We are shooting in Lawrenceville, NJ on April 3, 2016  10:00am – 1:00pm at latest.  Please email marchforwardstarwars@gmail.com to Register.  We will send you the address before the day of the shoot.  This insures we know who’s coming and is also a safety measure.


3) What will we be filming?

In this scene, a poor town gets unwanted attention from the Empire.  We need you to fill out the crowd and make this town believable.


4) What is this for?

We are shooting a no-budget Star Wars fan film for the Disney/Lucasfilm Fan Film Awards 2016 festival.  Official site for the Contest:  http://www.starwars.com/star-wars-fan-film-awards


5) Where can I see it once it’s done?

Many films from previous years are visible on YouTube.  After the contest is over, we will get permission to post it and add a credits roll with the names of everyone who participated.  If this film wins an award, it will be displayed on the official Star Wars Contest website.


6) Where does the story fit in chronologically to the movies?

It is a unique story set in the Star Wars Universe around the time of the original Star Wars movie, now referred to as A New Hope.